Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"equilibrium" spoilers


i really really liked this film... i would give it a 9/10 for action film

in the future there is a society that is free of emotion.......................

and there becomes the problem i have with this film...
(i dont really feel like explaining the movie because it is really complex but easy to follow (or infer))

in this society everyone has emotions which is really evident all together... the emotions that the "government" is scared of is happy and sad ones.... however.... the whole thing there are parts of joy shown by the very ppl who are suppose to be "without emotion"... the fact is the society isnt suppose to be able to feel and yet everyone is obsessed with how the others feel and based on their responses the questioner themselves get an emotional response of there own (but that isnt part of the movie)

humans can be said to be nothing but emotions... that is why babies are instinctually happy or sad or mad or... there are so many emotions that arent addressed in this film and yet are expressed in this film; concern, empathy, worry, doubt, intuition.... (just to clarify intuition is a response to a set of emotions and if there are no emotions there would be no intuition) if you arent paranoid you have no reason to worry if you dont worry you have no reason to doubt if you dont doubt........

this films story line and action scenes are similar to V for vendetta, matrix, ultraviolet

the movie is kinda 2 parted...
on the one had you have a person figuring out he can feel and what that all means:
the other is ppl getting shot... literally like 1000 ppl die in this film maybe more probably more lol (okay i might be exaggerating)

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