Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"God Bless America" spoilers


i knew just from the trailer that i would love to see this movie... that was months before it was released in theaters... to my dismay it wasnt released in a theater close to where i live (no where in the state i live in)...

i finally watched it on Netflix.... i wasnt disappointed

the movie is a little to short for my taste... there is a lot of cursing involved in it and the young girl seems to be an extreme psychopath... that being said it makes her role extremely hysterical..


a man lives an ordinary life surrounded by what we all live with every day (ty, news, radio...)
he gets sick and tired of the role america has taken on as a nation (society of today)
he finds out he has cancer and thinks about killing himself only to decide to kill a young spoiled girl
he then reconsiders killing himself only to have the supporting actress intervene unexpectedly

the two characters begin killing individuals who "deserve to die"
as a plot twist it turned out the doctor had made a mistake and the lead character didnt have cancer at all...

this is actually kinda pointless except to show you the main characters humanity in the respect that for a second its almost like "what have i done"

the problems i have with this movie are...
it kinda jumps around a bit... the two characters seem to know how to find each other (or at least the girl knows how to find the man) with no real reason... for instance the guy goes to a hotel to kill himself and the girl somehow knows exactly where to find him (no explanation)

then after the two characters separate the girl knows exactly where the man will be again... (now this time i kinda get how she knows... he goes to kill the ppl of a reality show (knock-off of america idol) and when the characters were together they did see the advertising of the finale... so that i guess is how she knew however.... with the fall out they had... how was it to be expected that he would indeed continue killing in the first place.....

the mans first kill was without the supporting character however his role or mission was completed... he then was going to kill himself .... only after the introduction of the supporting character did the murders evolve to a killing spree... (with serial killing duos one is the aggressive while the other is the passive... in this movie the aggressive is the female and the male is the passive even though the first kill and more experienced gun-man was the male) as such... once the girl left the mans side he no longer would have had the will to take on such a huge undertaking of killing everyone from the reality show...

also and this is just a side thought i had while watching the end which by the way is ANTI-CLIMATIC.... some of the first parts in the film are done as a dream sequence... and the final scene in which both characters die seems out of touch with reality.... meaning there is a good chance that the last scene was a dream and in fact could be twisted into making a sequel.... however that is very unlikely

altogether i would give this 8/10 for a comedy

i personally like how twisted this movie is.... and how much irony it entails... the only reasons i dont give it a 10 is due to the HUGE amounts of cursing and as mentioned above the lack of understanding of how the girl knows exactly how to find the man...(but seeing as how the only question i have for this movie is how did she find him that isnt nothing at all... but still as a "comedy" you have to have a twisted mind in-order to consider it hysterical)

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