Tuesday, August 14, 2012

hells kitchen

first off...... i really liked guy.... i liked his attitude, he was funny..... i didnt like that he left so soon.... but whatever

i dont want barbie to win..... i wouldnt mind if dana or christina won.....

now this season:
i liked the drama.... the very first episode they had the pre-view i literally teared up with excitement lol...

im sry im a little at a lose for words right now... it could be cause i only get to watch them online now and they havent been on for like 2 weeks now...

its also the fact that im starting blogging about this near the end of it all... i mean we are down to 5 (i havent seen the last episode though so dont ruin it lol)..... ill def try and be more on the spot in future posts focusing on the episode that just aired instead of kinda summing everything up best i can remember

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