Wednesday, May 9, 2012

gay christians

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im a bit of a hypocrite... while i have no problems with gay ppl and/or them attending  church for some reason i always find it ironic to hear or see gay ppl speaking about "christian topics" supporting said topics... (why is this so??? do i defend a point that i dont actually believe in... i only think i believe in (gay christian rights)??? idk???)

is it more complicated then that? as in i support gay ppl coming to church and have no issues with their "life style" (as its called lol)... but do i believe you can be gay and be a christian??? i mean surely i must... look at all the "christians" that sin... is their sin less important there-for they can continue to be a christian... is there some special condemnation for "christians" who are gay.... orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

are you even a christian if you sin... again you must be... for they say you can backslide but still be a christian and what is backsliding...sinning... and even those that are sanctified can slip aka sin... but must atone... is that the line... one "sins" and is sorry for it... while the other "sins" and has no remorse??? 

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